Mother and daughter. Shapprell Dallas /

By Liana Jacob

MEET the forty-six-year-old mum who looks just like her daughter who is almost thirty years her junior – thanks to her impressive muscular figure.

Stunning pictures show fitness business owner, Shapprell Dallas, from Florida, USA, posing with her daughter, Destiny, on a beach and in the sea.

Mother and daughter. Shapprell Dallas /


Another picture shows her in a bikini on a beach when she was 20, looking rather similar to her now. Shapprell and her husband are shown in two photographs taken 27 years apart, both sporting the same enviable physique.

Other pictures show side-by-side pictures of her ageless body; either posing the same way or wearing the same outfit.

When Shapprell was in high school, she experienced negative comments from her classmates who would tease her about being ‘too skinny’, at 7st 5Ibs and a UK size six. But she has had the last laugh, at an envious 8st 6Ibs and UK size eight to 10.

Age 21. Shapprell Dallas /


“I felt insecure about different things about my body in my twenties because I was teased about my body as a kid and teenager,” she said.

“They used to tease me about being too skinny and make fun of me. I became a personal fitness trainer at the age of twenty-one; my husband and I went into the fitness business when I was twenty-two and I never stopped working out and taking care of my body.

“I loved being healthy and fit; it gave me energy and confidence. I worked very hard to become my absolute best; I exercise five-days a week no matter what.

Now. Shapprell Dallas /


“Maintaining my weight has been easy for me because I never quit; I never take a long break from working out.

“I have a new-found confidence that I didn’t even know existed. I love everything about my body; including my flaws, imperfections, and weaknesses.

“I eat lean and clean ninety percent of the time; I don’t ever eat fried food, I only eat white meat and I don’t drink alcohol.”

Before and after. Shapprell Dallas /


Her newfound pride has shown among the public who compliment her; including some people who mistake her for her daughter’s sister.

“People say we look like sisters. Wow, unbelievable when I hear that. She’s soon to be eighteen and I’m soon to be forty-seven,” Shapprell said.

“People are very complimentary now, or they don’t say anything at all.

“My advice would be to just start. Don’t over-think it. Make a plan to exercise four to five times a week, every week.”

Now. Shapprell Dallas /


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