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By Liana Jacob

MEET the man who lost five-and-a-half-stone and is now a certified personal trainer with his own fitness business.

Stefan Venzo (27), from Bolzano, Italy, would always try to satisfy his cravings with desserts, pasta and white bread while not exercising that eventually led him to reach his heaviest weight of 18st 2Ibs.

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His weight made him feel isolated, insecure and unable to try on clothes without feeling bad about himself.

One day he made the decision to turn his life around to achieve the perfect six-pack. With a new diet and exercise routine, he managed to lose the weight and gain muscle and is now a lean 12st 8Ibs.

“My way of eating was definitely to eat only desserts and pasta with white bread. In general, I was always a solo person, but I never felt good in my body; both dressed and naked,” Stefan said.

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“I wanted for once to be lean and know how to get a six-pack, so I started moving and eating less in the beginning, which went well, then I stopped.

“I now feel very good about my shape and I can do all the sports I want without thinking about it. I also like to dress up and people take me as an example of motivation, which I really appreciate.

“I feel new, I’m full of energy which puts me in a really good mood and I have found a new pleasure in life.

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“I have changed my way of life both; in my way of thinking and in my daily routine. This transformation has changed my life and now I am working as a personal trainer which is also my hobby.

“I fast intermittently, cycle and workout very hard, four times a week with the push and pull principle.”

He admits that while he feels like he is achieving his goal, it was difficult having to do it all on his own.

Now. Stefan Venzo /


“I didn’t have anyone following me through my journey, so I missed a lot, but I learnt it by myself and the most important thing is to never miss out on each step,” Stefan said.

“Everyone is honoured, they admire me while many are motivated to change their lives when they see my transformation and want my advice.

“Look for something that will keep you motivated; read magazines, books, follow people with experience on social media and have a lot of patience, since it is well worth it.”

Now. Stefan Venzo /


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