Bruce Campbell. /

By Mark McConville

A HOMEOWNER who converted a Boeing 727 passenger aircraft into a forest dwelling has produced a video tour of his abode for the first time.

The intimate clip takes us on a tour of the airplane home with the kitchen, living area and shower all visible. /


Other parts of the footage show the traditional airplane toilet has been kept as it was while the rows of seats has been stripped out to offer an open plan space filled with everything you would expect in someone’s house.

The striking shots show engineer Bruce Campbell’s airplane home in the woods in Oregon, USA.

Bruce has been living in his expansive converted plane since 1999 but now spends around half of the year in Japan. /


“I’ve spent very roughly 40% of my time in Nippon since 2009, leaving my 727 in the hands of trusted friends,” he said.

“I savour the company of loved ones and cherished friends there and enjoy very charming and rewarding recreation, including lots of exhilarating tennis and mini-volleyball. But there’s more on my agenda too.

“I’m attempting to establish enough traction to execute a Boeing 747-400 home near Miyazaki City, Japan. /


“The hurdles are enormous even though some logistics for siting an intact wide body aircraft on private land look favourable.

“I must forge at least two key alliances: A partnership with an airline firm in which their normal proud livery will remain in full public view for as long as they desire the notoriety in exchange for favourable terms of acquisition of one of their retiring 747-400 aircraft.

“And partnerships with government officials and civic leaders to provide a tangible long term connection between the aircraft and the regional community, perhaps including regular group tours or similar community and visitor programs, Concert on a Wing events, and other community support, again in exchange for favourable terms of acquisition and flexible use of the property.” /


Bruce’s work is never done and he continues to restore and refine his 727 home when he is in America as he believes an airplane makes for the best home.

“Money is a less constraining matter lately, but I’ll still perform a lot of work personally and there’ll be other pace limitations,” he added.

“So patience will remain a necessary factor. But at least some progress should become visible unless Airplane Home v2.0 traction builds to an all consuming level, as I hope. /


“Either way, I hope I can find success. Because these great ships, gleaming pinnacle class symbols of mankind’s achievements, richly deserve a very long and noble second life.

“A compelling demonstration of that reality is desperately needed to help humanity expose a terrible blind spot caused by a failure to explore its way out of a deep hole of profoundly wasteful provincial thinking. So that these great ships can serve truly full lives; standing tall and proud, almost forever.”

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