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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the forty-year-old mum of two who is in the shape of her life after fulfilling her lifelong dream of entering a bodybuilding bikini competition.

Personal trainer, Faith Perez (40) from New York, USA loved watching bodybuilding and fitness competitions growing up and would imitate the competitors, fantasising that one day she would be on stage too. In her twenties, Faith was reserved and kept herself to herself. After getting married, Faith didn’t go to the gym for seven years and even worked as a pastry chef and had her own cake business.

NEW YORK, USA: Faith during her pregnancy. Faith Perez /


The births of her two daughters lead Faith to pursue a more flexible career so she started her own Personal Training business. Spending everyday encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones, Faith decided to start training for her first NPC bikini competition.

Faith’s post-pregnancy weight was 10st 2lbs, after working hard for a year she weighed in at 8st 6lbs for the competition.

“Throughout my teen years I loved watching body building and fitness competitions. I would mimic the dance routines the female competitors would do and I said one day I would love to do that,” she said.

NEW YORK, USA: Faith’s post-pregnancy body. Faith Perez /


“Fast forward to my twenties I still loved working out but I was very shy and to myself. I would see competitors in the gym and I was always so fascinated by their focus, dedication and workout ethic that I dreamed of one day maybe being able to get there but I was consumed with school and work it just wasn’t the right time.

“After the birth of my first child, I decided to change my career and take a leap into personal training. I was so thrilled to get my certification and start working at a gym.

“Six years of training and seeing my clients transform and preaching you need to get out of your comfort zone to grow I soon realised I always wanted to do a fitness competition but I was pregnant with my second child.

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“I spoke to another trainer at my gym who has competed for years and said I would always tell her that I would go to her when I was ready. It took me four years to finally say yes I’m ready.

“I went into the competition never seeing one in person, blinded not knowing what to expect or how it went behind the stage.

“I came into the competition just wanting to conquer my fear not winning but I said if I bring it home It will make this experience much sweeter.”

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Faith placed fifth in the Masters Bikini 35 and over category at the NPC Golds Classic competition. She weight trained and did cardio four days a week in preparation, tracking her macros and workouts daily. Faith says that all mums should follow their dreams, no matter how hard it will be to achieve them.

“Since the competition I have felt so much better about myself, more confident, in control and back to being who I am,” she added.

“My energy and stamina is great and I feel so much better and stronger inside and out now at forty than I have in my younger years.”

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“My family, clients and friends are so proud that I was focused and I didn’t make excuses. I made a commitment to myself and followed it through.

“They said I have encouraged them and really motivated them to make changes in their own lives.

“My advice to all the mum’s out there is if you have a desire or a passion to do something don’t let fear, guilt or life come in the way of accomplishing something your heart desires.

“Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. You are worth it.”

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