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By Rebecca Drew

THIS PREGNANT powerlifting mum-of-two is still working out up to five times a week despite being 28-weeks pregnant.

Stay at home mum and powerlifting enthusiast, Star Quinones (32) from Orange County, California, USA has been taking part in the sport for four-and-a-half-years now and says that lifting has made her strong both physically and mentally.

Star Quinones /
At seven-months pregnant, Star can deadlift 134kg, squat with 111kg and bench press 52kg. Although she works out four to five times a week, she would not recommend women starting powerlifting for the first time when pregnant.

“The main benefit of powerlifting is strength. For me, it’s transferred from physical to mental strength as well,” she said.

“Just like anything else, yes, there are dangers. I wouldn’t recommend it to a pregnant woman who’s never done it before.

Star Quinones /

“My opinion is that you should do what you’ve done before you were pregnant and also take your doctor’s advice into consideration.

“It’s definitely an ego thing to have to back down in weight but everyone loves a comeback right.”

Star has two sons already and is expecting her first daughter later this year, she hopes all her children will take up lifting to keep in shape. The reactions Star gets in the gym are mixed but she urges people who are new to the sport to ask others for help.

Star Quinones /

“I’ve gotten the concerned old lady who reminds me that I shouldn’t be lifting more than twenty-five-pounds, to the men that stare, to the group of people that commend me for still coming in. The reactions I get vary,” she added.

“I’d say to ask the people who are seasoned to give you advice and assess you when you lift.

“The powerlifting community is one of the kindest, most helpful group of people.

“You wouldn’t believe how many former powerlifters there are out there and their advice is gold.”

Star Quinones /

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