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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the buff doctor in training who has been setting pulses racing on social media with his impressive physique and travels.

Envy-inducing pictures show psychiatry resident, Matt Olesiak (28) originally from Warsaw, Poland performing impressive handstands all over the world, working out at the gym and in his scrubs ready for work.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Matt Olesiak /

Another picture shows the doctor taking a well-earned nap at the end of a shift, whilst another shows him expertly balancing on a stack of books. A dedicated gymnast until he was 21, Matt credits the injuries he sustained during this time in inspiring him to pursue medicine as a profession.

“I inevitably fell in love with the sport of gymnastics at ten, which took, up a large part of my life up until I was twenty-one. During my training years I would practice twice a day, often strength training in the morning before school and then actual gymnastics practice after school, six days a week for eleven-years,” he said.

“I was very passionate about the gymnastics and like most who seriously competed in the sport, it was all about getting to the Olympics or as close as possible. Needless to say, I had a tendency to get injured before that happened.

Matt Olesiak /

“The count stands at two knee surgeries, one major back surgery – put me out of training for a year because I had to get the discs in my lower back fused together, a broken arm that was patched back together with two permanent plates and fifteen screws, plastic surgery from cracking the top of my head open, and we don’t really count broken fingers and toes.

“I managed to retire as a Division 1 athlete while competing in college where I picked up my next passion, medicine. I graduated from college and went to medical school in Poland, which is very ‘full-circle’ as this choice launched me into my lifelong career in medicine.

“The people I looked up to and some of my mentors were doctors. I would not have been able to compete for as long or intensely as I did without some amazingly skilled physicians.

Zakopane, Poland. Matt Olesiak /

“I want to give back the opportunities I was given. Every life deserves a fighting chance at whatever endeavour no matter how big or small, and I really believe I can get someone there by being their doctor.

“Honestly, every day I get to make an impact and develop potentially life-long professional relationships with my patients.

“There is never a dull moment in the hospital, especially in late hours of the night or when you get lulled into a false sense of calm, it can be such a rush when you have to spring into action for someone sick.

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“Medicine is such a unique experience and I’m sure that anyone who has been in a doctor/patient situation could attest to that.”

In between his work, Matt works out five-days a week which helps him regain focus and tries to travel as much as he can. He’s visited 14 countries so far.

“The job can be very high stakes and gruelling mentally and physically at times so I find that getting to the gym allows me to unload stress and come back with a clearer mind. It’s my Zen place,” he added.

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“Going to the gym every morning and starting your day off by pushing yourself to failure is a very humbling experience and puts a lot into perspective for me.

“I was taught that you should do the hardest tasks first thing in the morning so the rest of your day is a breeze. Not to mention the endorphin rush can be a very nice thing as well.

“Life is meant to be lived very loudly. It’s easy to lose yourself among the monotony of going to work every day just to pay off the bills or figuring out how to navigate the easy and rough waters of daily living.

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“I enjoy fighting the status quo. I do everything to the extreme for better or worse and refuse to fit into any mould and I think that’s my message, you have to assail life with gusto and inspire as many people along the way as you can.”

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