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By Liana Jacob

MEET the dog squatting fitness enthusiast who ditched her university life of drinking and delved into a new healthier weight-lifting routine that saw her transform her ‘lazy’ body into a toned physique and now exercises with her FIVE-STONE golden retriever.

Marketing manager, Alyssa Greene (24), from Minnesota, USA, lived a life of stress, anxiety and an ‘obsession’ with food during her university years, despite previously being a gymnast, swimmer and softball player.

Alyssa before. Alyssa Greene /

Her unhealthy lifestyle resulted in her heaviest weight of 10st and a UK size 12, occasionally working on the cross trainer 15 minutes at a time.

After her lifestyle began to overwhelm her and noticing her frequent nights out drinking, Alyssa decided enough was enough and discovered a passion for weight lifting.

Her complete lifestyle change helped her shred nearly 2st of fat from her body in just three-months and is now a trim 8st 6Ibs and a UK size four to six.

Before and after. Alyssa Greene /

“I think everyone has a threshold where they realise, ‘okay I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. I don’t feel like me, I am tired and I don’t feel healthy’,” Alyssa said.

“The way you feel is far more superior to the importance of your look.

“If you feel rubbish there are plenty of ways to figure out what to change. I don’t judge it on my appearance of my body – although it is a driving force for wanting to change.

Weight loss transition. Alyssa Greene /

“I needed something to do for me, to release stress. I had started drinking far too frequently in college and far too much and it really wrecks your body and energy.

“I wanted to work for something again. And I just wasn’t as happy being lazy and I felt like I needed to give back to me.

“I researched a lot, I made a plan and I started weightlifting. I watched YouTube videos and wrote out workouts started watching what I ate.

Before and after. Alyssa Greene /

“I stopped drinking alcohol in excess because it made me feel so awful.

“My transformation has changed my life so much. My values have changed, my need to obsess and my need to eat when I’m bored is gone.

“I choose to be active instead of taking two to three hour naps every day. I was exhausted and now I’m energetic and strong.

Before and after. Alyssa Greene /

“I have always loved myself but now I think I have a higher respect for myself. My body deserves to be taken care of, health is a priority.

“How you live your life directly links with how long you live and the quality of your life. I have been weightlifting for close to three years.

“Lifting weights and working on strength training changes the composition of your body in ways that just cardio cannot.

Dog-squatting. Alyssa Greene /

As well as weight lifting, Alyssa now circuit trains, sprints and cycles. She tries to train like an athlete.

“Now I eat extremely balanced. I go out to eat, I have frozen yoghurt when I want. It’s all about balance. My diet consists of lean protein and micronutrients. Carbs fats and protein are all vital to a well-rounded ‘diet’,” she added.

“I didn’t have any problems. If you’re disciplined enough you’ll get it done. A lot of people say they can’t control themselves around food, that’s why they can’t change their lifestyle or people say they are unmotivated. You don’t need motivation.

Alyssa Greene /

“Mentality is everything. The stronger the mind, the more you’ll be able to accomplish. People now see that I am happy, healthy and I look so strong.

“Make a plan, educate yourself, do not go overboard, your body needs food. If what you’re doing isn’t sustainable or maintainable then you’re just ‘yo-yo dieting’ – find ways you can make your lifestyle and habits healthier.”

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