Tommy Saxenborn /

By Liana Jacob

THRILLING video footage shows the moment one dad balanced a chair on his chin with his fearless daughter sitting on top of it.

The incredible action clips show Tommy Saxenborn (33), from Karlstad, Sweden, sitting with his legs crossed on his bed, balancing a fold-up chair on his chin while his daughter happily sits on it, smiling and wearing a woolly hat and sunglasses.

Tommy Saxenborn /

Photographs show Tommy engaging in more risky stunts; balancing a full-size bike, a wooden park bench and even bravely balancing the tip of a sharp kitchen knife on his forehead.

Another image reveals Tommy, known as ‘Balans Mannen’ on social media, strategically placing a three-seater sofa on his chin.

“A beautiful autumn day, twenty-five years ago, I went in the garden to cut leaves and then one of the adults showed me that he could balance a garden tool on the tip of his finger and I was so impressed that I stayed in the garden all evening practising until I could do it,” Tommy said.

Tommy Saxenborn /

“I continued to practise and the older I got, the bigger the things I could balance on my chin; it could be long bicycles.

“I was noticed for the first time a couple of years ago when I was in the playground with my son and suddenly lifted up the stroller on my chin for other parents who were there.

“It turned out a journalist was there and three days later, I was on the first page of the newspaper and after the first article about me, I received inquiries from both newspaper, radio and television and I also started to show up at different events.

Tommy Saxenborn /

“For me, there is no limit to what you can balance as long as you can lift it on the heel. The biggest and heaviest I have balanced on my chin is probably a three-seat sofa, as well as the rope ceiling which was painful.”

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