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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the super sexy blonde pilot sharing her glamorous jet setting lifestyle with her 35.3K Instagram followers.

Stunning pictures show stunning Swedish first officer, Malin Nygren (27) enjoying the sunshine in the Canary Islands where she’s based, hiking up mountains and lounging in the pool.

Malin in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Malin Nygren /

Other envy-inducing pictures show Malin, who has worked as a commercial pilot for a year now dressed up in her uniform and sitting in the cockpit.

“I got the idea when I was fourteen-years-old, I don’t have anyone that inspired me, so it was all my idea,” she said.

“Later on, I also realised that being a pilot combines so many things I want in my life; the possibility to travel and see the world, the incredible feeling of being in control of a jet airplane, the teamwork and a never-ending learning process and the opportunities to develop.

Malin Nygren /

“One of the main perks of the job is the view from the cockpit, you can have a cup of coffee and look at the sunrise and sunset above the clouds, it’s amazing.

“The first time I flew the 737 it was fantastic, everything went so much faster than in a propeller aircraft. But only after a short while you get the feeling and then it’s not that big a difference from flying a smaller plane.”

Malin has only used Instagram for a few years now and has already gained an impressive following and has visited 22-countres so far. She says she hasn’t faced any discrimination at work due to her gender.

Malin in Tenerife. Malin Nygren /

“I’ve used Instagram for a few years now, and I don’t have any specific plan or idea for it. I just share a bit of my life. I’m happy if I can inspire new young pilots or help someone at the same time,” she added.

“At work, I feel that I’m being treated just like my male colleagues. When I’m going through security in my uniform, they ask me if I’m a pilot and then I’ll get a smile and thumbs up or they’ll say, good work.

“Passengers can be a bit more tricky, once someone questioned me saying, ‘no way, you’re a pilot’, like it’s only older men that can be pilots.

Malin Nygren /

“I usually don’t even think about it but I’m looking forward to the day when nobody thinks it’s strange with a young woman flying the plane and until there are more female pilots.

“Sometimes you just have to go for it, it’s amazing to see how far you can go if you are willing to work hard and not give up.”

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