Before and after. Christie Lamoureux /

By Liana Jacob

MEET the former sweet addict who ditched her sugar-laden diet to lose three-stone and drop three-dress sizes in just EIGHT MONTHS after her home was destroyed by floods which forced her family to eat out daily.

Volunteer co-ordinator and mum of a five-year-old, Christie Lamoureux (31), from Louisiana, USA, always had a weak spot for sugary snacks but this obsession saw her weight skyrocket. In September 2016, Christie’s home was flooded, prompting her and her family to move into a hotel, where she would eat out constantly, this saw her tip the scales at 13st 6lbs and was a UK size 14.

Christie before. Christie Lamoureux /

After seeing a picture of herself a month later, Christie did not recognise herself and decided to take action. She joined Weight Watchers, where she was introduced to a stricter exercise and diet routine and dropped to just 10st 6Ibs and a UK size eight.

“I was active and thin growing up, then when I hit my twenties my weight skyrocketed. I tried to lose weight so many times over the past ten years, but would always quit whatever I was doing after a few months or weeks when I didn’t get instant results,” Christie said.

“I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have a five-year-old son, who is one of my ‘whys’.

Christie before. Christie Lamoureux /

“I want to be healthy and be able to keep up with him as well as provide a good example to him. We also have three dogs and have started taking short daily walks with them as a family.

“I felt embarrassed, self-conscious, uncomfortable, tired and self-critical. I’ve been unhappy with my weight for years now.

“I’ve yo-yo dieted for the past decade. Our house was flooded in September 2016 and we had to live in a hotel for three weeks and ate out every meal.

Before and after. Christie Lamoureux /

“With the stress and circumstances, I felt myself gaining even more weight and decided enough was enough when I saw pictures of me taken at a bridal shower. I didn’t recognise myself.

“I have now joined Weight Watchers and I use their app to track everything I eat. I love the programme.

“Tracking my food using the Weight Watchers programme has helped me make better choices, lighten up my meals, especially the desserts and control my portions. I also make it a point to get my steps in daily and stay active.”

Christie before and after. Christie Lamoureux /

Weight Watchers is an American programme that offers various services to assist weight loss and weight maintenance.

“I now use less excuses and exhume more confidence. Clothes look better, I love ‘shopping’ in my closet now and I feel better and have more energy. I’ve also stopped snoring at night and sleep better,” Christie said.

“I feel great. I’ve had people tell me I inspire them, which seems crazy to me, but I tell them. ‘if I can do this so can you’.

Christie now. Christie Lamoureux /

“It’s a journey and I’m not perfect. I’ve had weeks or months where I’ve kicked butt and I’ve had times when I’ve struggled with motivation.

“Losing excuses and getting back on track for the next meal – not the next Monday – has helped me stay on course.

“People I know have been so sweet with compliments and asking how I’ve done it and when I tell people I don’t know or show them a ‘before’ picture; they are surprised it’s me.

Christie and her son. Christie Lamoureux /

“You just have to take that first step, which is the hardest. Go on a walk, join a programme, tweak your meals. Whatever it is, just go for it. It’s so worth it.”

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