Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

By Liana Jacob

MEET the mum-of-two who underwent weight loss surgery and lost a whopping EIGHT STONE in FIFTEEN MONTHS improving her sex life and chances to have a baby.

Administrator, Joice Saraiva (35), from Salvador, Brazil, has a step-daughter and adoptive daughter with her husband and due to her weight, she was unable have a child of her own.

Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

Due to eating unhealthy food including sugar and bread and being physically unable to incorporate exercise into her routine, Joice reached the peak weight of 18st 8Ibs and a UK dress size of 18 to 20.

Following the realisation that her lifestyle was making her feel drained and deteriorating her health and hindering her chances to conceive, Joice decided to make a change.

She booked in for a gastric bypass surgery; which is where surgical staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach.

Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

This reduces the volume of the stomach; taking in less food, making her feel full and absorb less calories from the food she eats.

She dropped to 10st 11Ibs and a UK dress size four to six.

“I’m much happier since I lost the weight, I love to go out, stay in with my friends and family, I’m more self-confident, my sex life has improved a lot and I plan to get pregnant in 2018,” she said.

Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

“I got fat and weak all the time and I got tired of this situation because it was really hurting my health.

“My poor diet, physical inactivity and other hormonal disorders led me to put on the weight.

“It made me sad; I didn’t like to go to parties, I was always tired, I didn’t take any pictures of myself and I just developed a bad health.

Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

“I want a baby and I can’t be pregnant with a bad health. So, I went to the doctor to book in for a bypass surgery which I started in June 2016.

“I have been exercising 50 days into the surgery and I always eat clean. I now eat vegetables, eggs fruits and healthy carbohydrates.”

She has overhauled her diet and is now eating non-fried food that do not contain sugar, while slotting in bodybuilding exercises almost every day.

Joice and family. Joice Saraiva /

“I went through 30 days of adaptation with a liquid and pasty diet but after that it was enough to feed me correctly in quality and quantity,” Joice said.

“I haven’t had any problems since, never complained, just thankful. It has been a rewarding experience.”

She says that her change in attitude has been evident to those she knows, who she has to explain who she is to them.

Joice now. Joice Saraiva /

“Many of my friends and acquaintances who have not seen me for a year, do not recognise me. I’ve gotten used to explaining who I am to people,” Joice said.

“I’m satisfied with my results but I want to go further. I want to lower my fat percentage and remain in the lifestyle I’m in.

“My advice would be to go to the doctor, seek professional help and change your habits then you will change altogether.”

Before and after. Joice Saraiva /

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