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By Timmy Odejimi

MEET the super-muscly bodybuilding identical twins who went from a lean and scrawny duo to a super-buff and muscular double act after wanting a change in their lives.

Growing up, operations manager Ty and financial analyst Kenni Ayoshola (both 24) from London, UK, described themselves as thin twins who were very involved in sports but never had the muscles to go with their active and sporty lifestyle and passion.

Ty and Kenni before their muscle transformation. Ayoshola Aestheticsz / mediadrumworld.com

The identical twins once weighed sixty-nine kilograms, but following a decision to switch things up in their lives and change their physical appearance, they joined the gym and started going religiously, gaining ten kilograms, and bulking up to eighty kilograms.

Incredible pictures and video show Ty and Kenni’s rippling muscles and Adonis-like body, as well as both twins vigorously working out their chiselled abs at the gym.

“Growing up we were both pretty lean and we really wanted to change that appearance,” said Ty and Kenni.

Ty and Kenni before their muscle transformation. Ayoshola Aestheticsz / mediadrumworld.com

“Ever since we were young we always wanted a muscular looking physique which we didn’t have despite our involvement in sports.

“Before we started bodybuilding, we both wanted to look more muscular, we were involved in sports and we occasionally went to the gym to keep fit but we knew we wanted to look more muscular.

“We started watching our diet and monitoring our macros. This came with planning and meal prepping while we also experimented with different protein shakes.”

Ty and Kenni. Ayoshola Aestheticsz/ mediadrumworld.com

The ridiculously ripped twins say bodybuilding and training has really helped them with their organizational skills as well making them become more disciplined individuals.

“Bodybuilding has helped us to become more disciplined as individuals, such as scheduling in time for working out and making and sticking to food plans,” they said.

“The whole process has also boosted our self-confidence which helps us stay positive and happy.

“We feel proud of how far we have come and have enjoyed ourselves getting to this stage but we know there is still a lot of hard work to put in. This makes us determined to achieve more and we also feel a lot more confident helping others with their body goals.”

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Despite the muscle duo holding down full-time jobs, they are both personal trainers/online coaches which they balance with their own training.

“We have started to track and monitor our macros to make sure we are eating the right nutrients and right amounts,” they added.

“We are constantly trying out different workouts at the gym as sticking to the same exercises can be boring.”

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Looking and keeping fit doesn’t come easy and that is what the twins believe has helped keep their workout momentum.

“People tell us we have motivated and inspired them on their own fitness journey. We get a few compliments from friends and family telling us how nice it has been to see our transformation,” they explained.

“Our workout regime fluctuates. It can range from three days in the gym to six days in the gym a week, we train each muscle group separately but on days we have limited time we may do two during one session.

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“But in the beginning, we found it difficult to gain weight as due to our high metabolism we burn a lot of fat. One way we conquered this was by planning what to eat and prepping meals for busy days.

“We also experimented with different protein shakes and brands and used the mirror as a visual aid to monitor our progress.”

The twins explain that it’s not just about working out and going to the gym, but mainly healthy eating and caring for your body.

“It’s not about what you do in the gym, if you aren’t eating right you will not grow. I feel it’s 70% diet 30% what you do in the gym. A lot of people think it’s only down to exercising,” they said.

TA Visuals/ mediadrumworld.com

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