By Mark McConville

FORGET your store-bought meal deal or drab packed lunch as one officer worker has figured out how to cook a full roast dinner using only office supplies.

Incredible video footage shows Chinese officer worker Ms Yeah cutting vegetables with a credit card before stuffing the chicken, covering it in foil and burying it in the soil of a plant pot.

The creative woman then lights a charcoal fire on top of the plant pot with the heat cooking the chicken buried underneath.

Just to prove it’s all real Ms Yeah then eats the whole chicken and seems to really enjoy her tasty lunch.

The bizarre video was filmed in Chengdu, China by a creative planner who wishes to be known as Ms Yeah (22).

“It’s not a cooking tutorial, but an entertaining video with a food theme,” she said.

“I love the creative and unconventional way of cooking, which sometimes poses a challenge to come up with one.

“I work in a creative company, so we all get to do some “weird stuff” in the office. I like delicious food, for which I could almost do anything.

“I started posting those videos in February, but before that I had already made all kinds of dishes in office. In the beginning, I just shot those videos for fun and showed them to my friends.

“They thought what I was doing in those videos was cool and fun so they suggested to post them online. That was how it happened. I find the whole thing quite fun too and I quite enjoy it myself.”

Ms Yeah uploads all her videos to YouTube and makes many other tasty treats in the office including beef slices with an iron, cotton candy with an electric drill and a birthday cake using a light bulb and a drawer.

The channel is extremely popular and Ms Yeah can boast nearly 200,000 subscribers.

“My videos were first uploaded to Chinese social networks, such as Weibo,” she explained.

“I was soon stunned when I was told my videos had 200 million views on the internet. One day I was walking on the street and was recognised by one fan.

“She asked to have a picture with me. At that time, I was kind of famous. But none of those things changes anything. I will continue doing some fun stuff and hopefully they can bring delight and laughs to more people.

“I should thank my boss for his tolerance in letting me do all this stuff. I have faced some problems.

“Sometimes my cooking failed and I had to do it again, while I did not have that much time to do it, as I still had loads of other work to do.

“Another problem is I cannot use fire in the office anymore after the first time or I might get another warning from the fire department.”