Zennor Head. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

By Liana Jacob

INCREDIBLE photographs have been revealed in a book that illustrate the emerald landscapes of Cornwall just as series 4 of hit Cornwall-based period drama Poldark begins filming on location.

The stunning images show the crystal-clear waters of the Trebarwith Strand with a lifeguard sitting on the edge of the rocky beach looking out onto the horizon.

Trevose Head. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

The intricate details of rock formations at Trebarwith Strand is shown in another picture along with the breath-taking views of Port Quin, with a man paddling in a canoe and the beautiful panoramic view of the Gull Rock.

The majestic Doyden Castle is shown in all its glory in a spectacular photograph, as well as the moon-kissed Padstow harbour.

The incredible landscapes include the flower-covered Trevose Head Lighthouse and the beautiful peach-coloured sunset at Porthcothan beach.

Sunset at Porthcothan. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

The striking photographs make up a book, Cornwall in Photographs, by author and photographer Gabriel Fuchs and published by Amberley Publishing.

He focuses on nature and reportage photography and recently published a photo book representing Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

“It is an ancient Celtic land and as such has inspired tales and legends ever since. It has a dramatic nature with treacherous cliffs, sandy beaches, and mysterious moors,” Gabriel said in his book.

Padstow. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

“It was a gateway to the rest of the world when the English ruled the waves, and a mining centre during the Industrial Revolution, which very much lay the foundation of what we now call western modernity.”

Cornwall, placed at the heart of the West Country, is the homeland of the Cornish people and the cultural and ethnic origin of the Cornish diaspora.

Historically tin mining was important in the Cornish economy, becoming more vital during the High Middle Ages and expanding widely during the 19th century when rich copper mines were also in production.

Rock at Bedruthan Steps, covered in mussels. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

“The combination of a splendidly desolate landscape, a rich fauna, some magnificent beaches, and trees leaning to the east – this prohibiting anyone from getting really lost – attracts tourists of all kinds,” he said.

“The photos in this book represent a bit of everything that Cornwall has to offer in terms of nature, activities, and beauty.

“Not all photos are sunny and with a blue sky because it does rain in Cornwall too. However, few things can be as moody and impressive as a good rainstorm when the waves come crushing in on desolate rocks.”

Book cover. Gabriel Fuchs / Amberley Publishing / mediadrumworld.com

Cornwall in Photographs will be published by Amberley Publishing on September 15, 2017, and is available here: https://www.amberley-books.com/cornwall-in-photographs.html