DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

MEET the mum-of-two whose depression made her gain four-stone in just nine-months and is now medication free after losing almost five-stone.

After having her two children, Dani Wrafter (31) from Dublin, Ireland, suffered from post-natal depression and yo-yo dieted to try to lose her pregnancy weight. In 2014, Dani, who works in sales had a severe episode of depression, causing her to take time off work when she gained weight due to her medication.

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

At 14st and a dress size 18-20, Dani stopped going out with friends and would have panic attacks when would have to leave the house. Now a super svelte 9st 4lbs and a size 8, Dani never used to exercise and would often find herself eating double portions of everything.

“In 2010, after my second baby I struggled to lose the weight and got back to a size twelve to fourteen but not in a healthy way, I always had guilt about eating and mainly binged and starved myself,” she said.

“I tried every diet going, but never kept the weight off, I have yo-yo dieted to lose weight for years and this really affected my mental health and confidence. In 2014, I had a severe episode of depression, I had to take time off work and ended up piling on weight due to my medication.

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

“I gained about four-stone in nine-months, by the end of 2014 I was so miserable about my weight I stopped socialising and was having panic attacks when I had to go out.

“When my dress size went up and I no longer fit into my ‘fat’ clothes, I had to do something. I was hiding in my house. Never going out.

“I had to go to Penneys and buy clothes four sizes bigger than what I’d been in four months prior to that. My depression was so bad, I had panic attacks if I had to leave the house, I hated myself, I was the worst example for my children.”

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

In April 2015, Dani began training with her personal trainer, Marcin Konkel and hasn’t looked back since. She trains cardio for six days a week and weights for five days and eats lots of eggs, salads, oats and lean meat and fish.

Dani says that losing weight has changed her life in every way.

“I had the courage to change jobs, I am confident, happy, medication free,” she explained.

“Step by step I’m liking who I see in the mirror and learning that life’s ups and downs can be tough but I’ve made it through everyday so far and I can keep going. Fitness has really helped me.

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

“The last two years working with my amazing PT, Marcin Konkel and seeing progress has given me confidence and determination to be the best me I can be.

“My biggest thing is that I am no longer on medication for depression, I can be a better mum to my girls, they deserve it. I can set a good example to them about body positivity and healthy living.

“I enjoy taking them out for active days, we go climbing mountains for fun and out running to the park. They can have a happy healthy mum, not a mum hiding away from the world.”

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

Dani’s advice to anyone wanting to lose weight is to speak to a professional.

“Chat to some professionals, it doesn’t have to be a PT, most gyms have staff and they do assessments. If you want to do it you can. It will be hard but it’s so worth it.

“Put it this way, losing weight is hard but being overweight is hard. You get looks, you get made fun of and not to mention it can shorten your life.

“They’re both hard but losing weight gets easier and can improve your life. It improved mine.”

DUBLIN, IRELAND. Dani Wrafter / mediadrumworld.com

Dani tracks her amazing transformation on her Instagram page: www.instagram.com/irish_barbell_barbie