Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

By Liana Jacob

MAJESTIC snapshots of Derbyshire that illustrate its steep history through the county’s most popular landmarks have been showcased in a new book.

The seasonal shots capture the dignified appearance of the Brimington Church and the shimmering light from the rising sun over the Mam Tor Waymark.

Mam Tor Waymark Sunrise. Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

Other beautiful landscapes include the monumental Curbar Edge, the glistening water along the Padley Gorge and a birds-eye view of The Great Ridge.

Richard Beresford, the photographer and author of ‘Derbyshire in Photographs’, was born and bred in Chesterfield, a market town in the north of Derbyshire, where he currently lives.

Brimington Church. Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

“After a gap of several years after leaving school, taking time to focus on my career, I purchased a Sony Cybershot, mainly to record my children growing up,” Mr Beresford said.

“Gradually my interest grew until I found myself planning outings just to shoot landscapes, especially in my home county where I could couple my love of photography with walking in the fantastic Derbyshire countryside.”

The Great Ridge. Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

He has dabbled with many different photographic genres, such as; landscapes, nature, black and white, sport.

“I tend to be drawn to the Dark Peak in the north rather than the White Peak for some reason; I think it is something about the wild, rugged moors, tors and edges that draw me there.

Burbage Brook Through Padley Gorge. Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

“There are some iconic views in the Peak District and it’s always a challenge to shoot something different, making the most of the available light and ever-changing conditions – no two days ever seem to be the same.”

Mr Beresford credits his father for his fascination with photography, as he used to take him out walking in the Peak Park, where he would always carry his camera and binoculars with him.

Wellingtons Monument at sunrise, Baslow Edge. Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

“As a child my dad was my biggest influence and I would often join him on trips out.”

Derbyshire is a county in the East Midlands of England and a large section of the Peak District National Park lies within it.

Richard Beresford / Amberely Publishing /

The book, Derbyshire in Photographs, is available on Amazon for £15.99: