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By Tom Dare

THE MOMENT an ordinary member of the public chased down some would-be thieves as they fled from a nearby Aldi store has been captured on video.

Twenty-year-old Jordan McMillan, from Blackburn, was just minding his own business when two men ran past him with a third just behind them outside of Blackburn College.

In the video, Jordan gives chase after establishing that the two had been stealing from the nearby store, catching up to them and asking them to empty their pockets.

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But it’s soon revealed that the two weren’t exactly planning the heist of the century, as they empty their pockets to reveal a huge haul of chocolate and sweets.

“I was on my way to my class in college and I just saw two guys running and then some Aldi employee was running after them shouting ‘oi’, so I gave chase to help him,” he said.

“I felt the need to get involved because stealing is against the law and I don’t believe anyone is above the law and should get away with it.

“And also, there were one guy chasing two, and they could’ve just turned around and seriously injured him or worse and I just could not live with that if I had left it.”

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Ryan, who had installed a camera on his motorcycle helmet in case he ever got into an accident, didn’t take long to catch up with the two men.

And he says he was shocked that all the fuss was over a few sweets, but admitted that he couldn’t believe how much one of the man had managed to conceal on his person.

“I was very surprised, I felt like telling him to take off his pants to see if he had more,” he said.

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“Honestly, I was expecting some kind of power tool, or something a little more expensive, but no. Just chocolate and sweets. People who see the video are always saying ‘why rob chocolate?’.”

“But I just did it because it was the right thing to do. I like to see myself as a selfless person and I always feel the need to make others smile or help them. Even if I get nothing in return, I just like to see smiles on other people’s faces.”