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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the super ripped man who could be the world’s hottest vegan after ditching animal products in favour of a plant based diet and has gained more than three-stone of muscle.

Before going vegan, student, Ferdinand Beck (24) from Berlin, Germany had low self-confidence thanks to acne and didn’t have enough energy to complete his workouts, saying he felt ‘heavy’ after eating meat. Ferdinand initially only tried veganism for a month, but was soon hooked and has gone from 10st 9lbs to a super toned 14st 2lbs in just three years.

Ferdinand Beck / mediadrumworld.com

Ferdinand trains five-times a week, and eats a whole food plant based diet packed full of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

“I didn’t have much self-confidence due to my acne before, and I didn’t really know what do to with myself. After eating meat, I would feel heavy and full but now I feel light and energised,” he said.

“When I first went vegan, I wasn’t aware of the detrimental ethical and environmental impact of animal agriculture, I just tried it for health and to build muscle.

Ferdinand Beck / mediadrumworld.com

“After trying a plant-based diet for just a month, the first thing I noticed was that my skin got so much better. I had really bad acne before and not eating dairy products made my skin so much clearer. I felt so much more comfortable in my skin and my self-esteem improved a lot.

“Eating a diet full in earth-grown nutrients gives me lots of energy which I get rid of during training. Plants, despite what many people still believe, are loaded with proteins.

“I just have to eat enough to be in a slight caloric plus so I can continuously build muscle mass. I feel great and healthy all year round and can work out without taking a break.”

Ferdinand Beck / mediadrumworld.com

Ferdinand can deadlift an impressive 200kg, squat with 160kg and bench press 100kg. Before veganism, he would eat a diet high in protein from animal products full of saturated fat and cholesterol.

“It’s considered normal in our society to eat animal products so I had to face social issues from my family and friends who were offended at the beginning but now they understand and some of them have turned to plant-based diets as well,” added Ferdinand.

“Ninety-nine-percent of the feedback I receive it positive, people can relate to me and want to achieve similar results.

“Follow me on my Instagram page where I try to give as much valuable advice as possible on how to build muscle and how to eat a healthy plant based diet.”

Ferdinand Beck / mediadrumworld.com

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