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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the inspirational mum who beat anorexia after doctors told her she had just three days to live and would never have children.

Evelina Meyer / mediadrumworld.com

At her lowest point, personal assistant and mum-of two, Evelina Meyer (30) from Östersund, Sweden weighed just 5st 4lbs and had a BMI of 10, well below the healthy range of 18.5 to 24.9. Evelina suffered with anorexia for five years from the age of 19 and said that fears about life after school and her parents’ divorce triggered her eating disorder.

Evelina would only eat half an apple a day and used anorexia as ‘self-help’, she found herself in hospital for a year where she suffered heart failure anytime she ate more than she was used to. Fast forward to today and Evelina is a fit 11st 13lbs.

Evelina Meyer / mediadrumworld.com

“From the beginning anorexia was a way for me to run away from my life. I didn’t want to live my life and anorexia was some sort of self-help,” explained Evelina.

“I liked the boost that anorexia gave me but after a while it became a hard situation.

“I was so sick that I was in hospital for a year. The doctors told me that they couldn’t rescue me and that I only had three days left to live.

“I would eat the food I was recommended but my heart was so weak that I had heart failure when I ate too much food.”

Evelina Meyer / mediadrumworld.com

Evelina loves sweets and now competes in fitness competitions but said she still struggles with her self-confidence. She said overcoming anorexia changed her life and wanted other sufferers to know that they are not on their own.

“After all, the doctors told me that I punished my body so hard that I couldn’t have children but today I’ve a happy family,” she said.

“The most difficult thing about my recovery was that I felt alone and lots of my friends left me when I was sick.

Evelina Meyer / mediadrumworld.com

“My message is that you are not alone, even if it feels like that.

“Many people have got the same eating disorder and don’t be ashamed of it. You can be healthy and free.”

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Evelina Meyer / mediadrumworld.com