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By Ben Wheeler

MEET the inspiring young woman who travelled around Europe whilst writing each of her famous destinations on her chalkboard-like prosthetic leg.

Devon Gallagher /

Devon Gallagher (23), a graduate from Philadelphia, one day had the epiphany of getting her most recent prosthetic covered in a chalkboard material while travelling Europe.

She has since been taking pictures across the continent, which show her cycling over the canal in Amsterdam and relaxing on a wall overlooking the city of Barcelona, all with the well-known locations scrawled on her leg.

Other images show her posing with a waffle in Brussels, taking in the spectacular Parthenon temple in Athens and enjoying a river cruise in Budapest.

Devon Gallagher /

“I get a new leg every two years and get to choose what design I have, one day I had a sudden thought to get a chalkboard,” said Devon.

“My mum and grandmother weren’t too keen on the idea, but my friends thought it was great and told me to go for it so I did.

“A lot of people have been staring when I’ve been writing on my leg and I don’t blame them, but once I’ve been taking the pictures I’ve had some really positive feedback.”

Devon Gallagher /

The chalkboard effect was created by coating her prosthetic leg in a special paint.

Devon endured a tough early few years after being beset by issues with her leg.

Despite this she doesn’t understand how people are surprised by her positive outlook.

Devon Gallagher /

“I was born with a congenital bone disease which created a ‘false joint’ in my right tibia, rendering my foot useless,” said Devon.

“Doctors tried to save my leg, but after several unsuccessful surgeries, they decided to amputate my foot when I was four to let me lead a normal life with a prosthetic.

“A lot of people don’t understand how I can be so happy in my situation.

Devon Gallagher /

“I guess I learned at a young age that life can suck and that it’s not fair at times.

“But you can still lead a happy and fulfilling life if you have the right attitude and choose to focus on the positives, you always have to put things in perspective, I consider myself very lucky.”

Devon Gallagher /