Khalid Tenni /

By Rebecca Drew

VERTIGO-INDUCING video footage shows the moment one super fit thrill-seeker decided to swap the gym for a 328-foot crane to practice his chin ups without any safety equipment.

The breath-taking footage shows the daredevil climb to the top of the high crane overlooking the busy roads below before hanging one handed from the arm and doing the monkey bars across the struts.

Khalid Tenni /

Another clip shows him hanging upside down by his feet over the death-defying drop below.

The stunning video was taken in Salé, Morocco of professional street and parkour athlete and student Khalid Tenni (22) from Morocco.

Khalid Tenni /

“When I saw a series of films about adventure and risk, I decided to try to find out how deadly that feeling is,” said Khalid.

“The feeling I have is a mix of force and fear, I think it’s the same feeling as how spider man feels.

“I like to be different and tell people that nothing is impossible, I had to overcome my fears to do this.”

Khalid Tenni /

Khalid is a professional and wants to urge people not to copy him without being prepared.

“I am always as careful as possible to make sure I’m not seen by anyone while on the crane,” added Khalid.

“Naturally, my worried family disapproves of this rather dangerous hobby.

Khalid Tenni /

“This is my sport, so don’t worry because I’m a professional and don’t try to do this without preparation.

“It’s important that people don’t try to imitate me, because this activity is so dangerous to life.”