By Rebecca Drew

HEART-STOPPING pictures and video show the moment a group of fearless daredevils snuck into a 784-foot tall skyscraper and dangled themselves off the side of the roof without any safety equipment.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

The vertigo-inducing images show the group lying on the edge of the building tempting fate with the 60-floor drop below and gripping onto the edge before dangling their bodies above the busy city beneath them.

Other shots look across the city skyline and show the team posing for selfies.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

The incredible photographs were taken at Russia’s Imperia Tower in Moscow by extreme photographer and blogger Alex Nomernoy.

“To get there we had to hack the door under the camera while all of the guards were on a lunch break, we turned off the motion sensors on the doors and entered the building,” said Alex.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

“Then we had a long walk up to the top of the skyscraper.

“People who were in the skyscraper opposite saw us and were shocked, a few minutes later we saw a police patrol car so we decided to leave.”


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

The Imperia Tower was completed in 2011 and is split into apartments, a hotel, a business centre and offices.

Alex shot the pictures using a Canon 600D and GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

“This building is a maze, there are one-hundred-and-sixty stairs and forty elevators,” he added.

“Luckily we didn’t get lost and got out of the building successfully.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Alex Nomernoy /

“People tend to react very differently. Some wave their hands and take photos but others call the police.

“I started this because I was interested in observing a city from unusual angles and heights and wanted to shoot some nice photos.”