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By Timmy Odejimi

HAUNTING images have offered a glimpse into the town where ‘District 12’ was filmed for the famous film franchise, The Hunger Games.


Summer King /

The eerie pictures show the town and homes used in the making of one the biggest films in box office history.

One image shows the crumbling remains of the house which protagonist, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), lived with her mother and sister. Other pictures reveal the famous town hall where the residents of District 12 would gather, and the fields where Katniss would escape to when wanting privacy in a town being monitored.

Summer King /

These ghostly pictures were captured in Ashville, North Carolina, by photographer Summer King (25), on a Sony Nex with a 55 – 210 mm lens.

“I love The Hunger Games series and knew it had a portion of it filmed near me so I decided to take a short five-hour drive to the location and do some exploring,” said Summer.


Summer King /
“In the pictures, I see a town that looks dead but is very much still alive.

“Through the depiction, you can see families and friends and energy flowing through these decrepit structures.

District 12 is the smallest and poorest of the thirteen districts in The Hunger Games films and home for popular character, Katniss Everdeen.

The Hunger Games films are adaptions from the novel trilogy of the same name and have grossed over a billion dollars in the box office.

The village used for parts of the films’ setting is called Henry River Mill village and was once a yarn mining town.

“People love abandoned things and whenever people see pictures like this, they’re almost in awe,” said Summer.

“The village was once a yarn mining town that ended up being abandoned when the mining had finished.”