Shanghai. Cocoanext /

By Mark McConville

VERTIGO-INDUCING pictures have captured a group of daredevils dangling from the top of skyscrapers.


Shanghai. Cocoanext /

Incredible images show fearless climbers standing on the edge of roofs with the vast city of Shanghai in China hundreds of feet below them.

Other stunning shots show one adrenaline junkie lying on a slanted roof, preventing himself falling to his death only by hanging onto some steel rope.

Shanghai. Cocoanext /

The thrilling photographs were taken in Shanghai and Chongqing in China by amateur photographer known as Cocoanext.

“I love Shanghai a lot, so I enjoy exploring the city a lot, especially rooftops,” he said.


Chongqing. Cocoanext /

“Every roof is different; therefore, the scenery is different, and every roof comes with its own dangers.

“Many rooftops are very dangerous, so to shoot the photos you want, you have to be careful because falling could easily kill you.


Shanghai. Cocoanext /

“I like taking pictures to create and keep memories as the memories will never be lost or changed.”

Cocoanext, who shot the pictures using a Canon 5D Mark II, said it is becoming more difficult to rooftop in Shanghai as many places are getting locked down.

Shanghai. Cocoanext /

“Since October 2016, there has been a growing number of ‘rooftopper photographers’ in Shanghai and a lot of places did get locked and closed down due to the large amount of people visiting,” he explained.

“A lot of them just do it because they think it’s fun, but they have no sense of protection and don’t appreciate the locations.


Shanghai. Cocoanext /

“The fact that some places got closed down doesn’t affect me that much as I’ve already been there and taken photos.

“Those people are just trying to reproduce my photos and copy my ideas, no creativity whatsoever.”