M4 Sherman tank named Bell of Little rock, and a Lt R Hoffman looking it over, January of 1944. Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

By Timmy Odejimi
REMARKABLE images showing the incredibly lighter side to the devastating Second World War have been brought back to life thanks to the work of a British colourisation hobbyist.


Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

The incredible pictures show American soldiers holding the American flag high and proud, while others keep an eye out for the enemy.

Other humorous images show a sailor on alert with its Alsatian dog, which are commonly known as ‘German Shepherd’, and four soldiers sitting atop a German PTB covered with the Swastika logo.


Soldiers atop Swastika PTB. Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

The superb pictures have been expertly colourised by electrician Royston Leonard (54) from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Royston digitally paints over the black and white images and mixes his colours on screen.

“The pictures show the quiet and lighter moments during the dreadful second World War,” Royston said.


Soldier feeding a cat. Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

“I think small things like the dogs were the little things that made life just about bearable for the soldiers.

“It’s really quite saddening when you think about the war, but these pictures show the soldiers making the best of the moment and making it fun where possible.”


A soldier being baptised. Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

The Second World War was a global conflict which lasted for six years from 1939 to 1945, and brought the demise of Nazi Germany dictator, Adolf Hitler and his monstrous regime.

The UK and America, long-time allies, fought side-by-side to take down Hitler’s German Empire and restore order to the world.


Royston Leonard / mediadrumworld.com

“Colourisation is a hobby of mine and I learned it by trying out ideas by myself,” said Royston.

“I have learned so much from colourising, I feel it has helped my photography along the way.”