Thousands gather for a rally in Madison Square. Library of Congress /

By Mark McConville

INCREDIBLE images have captured a tense New York City on D-Day as the world waited with baited breath for an Allied victory.

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Stunning pictures show worshippers bowing their heads in prayer at churches and synagogues across Manhattan.


People in Times Square watch the news ticker on the New York Times building. Library of Congress /

Other striking shots show thousands of people watching the electronic ticker on the New York Times building in Times Square as they waited for the latest reports.


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Mayor Fiorello La Guardia is pictured leading a rally as large crowds gathering in Madison Square.

The Normandy Landings on Tuesday 6th June 1944, otherwise known as D-Day, was the largest seaborne invasion in history and the operation began the liberation of Nazi-occupied Western Europe.


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The Allied invasion contributed to the Allied victory on the Western Front as it allowed the Allies to gain a foothold which they gradually expanded on over the following months.

German casualties are estimated at between 4,000 and 9,000 men while Allied casualties were at least 10,000.


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The candid photographs capture the mood in the Big Apple as apprehension swept across the city accompanied by hope that the Allies could finally make a breakthrough.