River Tay and Smeaton Bridge, Perth. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

By Mark McConville

THE STUNNING beauty of Scotland has been captured in a series of spectacular photographs showcased in a new book.


Buachaille Etive Mor. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

The incredible images show Scotland at its best, with Edinburgh Castle illuminated above the capital city, the lights of Perth reflecting on the River Tay and a sunset bathing Loch Rusky in an orange glow.

Other astonishing shots show an idyllic St Cyrus beach, an aurora above Abernyte and the bright lights of Dundee twinkling across the Tay Road bridge.


St Cyrus Beach. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

The perfectly-captured pictures are included in a new book, Scotland in Photographs, by international multi-award-winning photographer Shahbaz Majeed and published by Amberley Publishing.


Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

“These images will hopefully show you why tourists are attracted to our shores from across the globe and also why photographers are repeatedly drawn to the landscape,” he said.


St Andrews. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

“There is just something about this land, the place of my birth, the mystery/drama of it all that is quite hard to explain, even by those who have lived here their entire lives.

“Many often wonder why you would want to visit Scotland in the first place and yet their own question is answered when they see the images for themselves.”


Loch Rusky. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

Mr Majeed laughed about how the weather can often completely change the look of the places photographer, but hoped his book could attract tourists to Scotland.

“As for visiting many of the places you will see featured in the book, it is often like a different place each time you visit: the weather can be mild and gentle one minute and then stormy and threatening the next,” he explained.


Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

“Not all places can claim to offer all four seasons in the same day. I hope you get inspired by the images in this book and that they make you want to visit these locations for yourself.

“My aim is to highlight the beauty and variety of Scotland’s landscape, not just to those from abroad but also to those that live here and have yet to discover much of the truly breath-taking landscape we are fortunate to have right here on our own doorstep.”


Abernyte. Shahbaz Majeed / mediadrumworld.com

Scotland in Photographs, by Shahbaz Majeed, is published by Amberley Publishing. It is available for £15.99 RRP.