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By Timmy Odejimi

MEET the dad of two who shed a whopping forty-five pounds after a severe shoulder injury which brought anxiety and left him unable to move for a year.


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Jake Roberts (36), from Blania, Wales, weighed 245lbs but knew he had to make drastic changes to his live and eating habits after his business venture failed along with his relationship.

The scaffolding company director, who now weighs 200lbs, switched up his eating and diet regime and gave up eating unhealthy meals and drinking a few times a week and started to eat five healthy meals a day and training twice daily.


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“My weight made me self-conscious and borderline depressed and I suffered social anxiety as I dreaded taking my children swimming,” he said.

“My business venture completely took over my life meaning I had no time for anything else over three years and then I broke my shoulder playing rugby.


Jake in the swimming pool with his daughter. Jake Roberts /

“I was very conscious about how I looked both in and out of clothes and I dreaded foreign holidays and social functions.

“It got to a point where I was struggling to do my shoe laces up easily and my business venture failed along with my relationship.


Jake Roberts /

“The failure of both made me decide to concentrate more on the things that mattered in life, like my children and losing weight.”

Jake, who suffered from social anxiety, was constantly mocked about his weight by his friends, which he would laugh off, but deep down the jokes upset him.


Jake with firends before his weight loss. Jake Roberts /

“My friends would make jokes about my size and the weight I had put on but inside it always upset me,” he explained.

“I felt unconfident and embarrassed due to my weight.


Jake after his weight loss with friends. Jake Roberts /

“I no longer care about other people’s opinions about my size and I am much more confident now.”

The super-buff dad said his weight transformation which he achieved in fifteen weeks has made a positive impact on his life and opened many doors of opportunity for him.


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“Losing weight has opened many doors that would never have been available without my transformation,” he added. “It gave me the confidence to ask a model out, who I’m currently dating and I have been approached by companies asking to feature me in fitness apps.

“It’s given me the confidence to do things with my children and although I don’t really enjoy going out drinking anymore, it’s made me more confident socially too.


Jake with his model girlfriend. Jake Roberts /

“I am a believer in being fit and not just looking fit.

“People are generally supportive and massively impressed about my transformation, but a lot of people find it impossible and call it fake.


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“Fortunately, my friends and family have been with me from the start and they have seen my hard work pay off, they always have my back.


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“Always remember that you are aiming for sustainability, a fad diet for eight weeks where you starve yourself will just reverse as soon as you back to your old ways. Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle change not a fad.”