By Mark McConville

NOW YOU can become James Bond thanks to the up to £4million personal submarines that could allow you to have your own adventures up to ONE-MILE under the sea.


The incredible images show the unique design of the personal submarines with a bubble-like pod at the front for the driver and their passenger. The submarines range from two-person to six-person capacities.

Spectacular footage shows the tiny submarine in action with the all-glass pod at the front allowing a perfect view of the marine life hundreds of feet below the surface.

The fantastic photos and video footage show SEAmagine’s Aurora range of personal submarines as well as the Ocean Pearl.



“SEAmagine’s innovative Aurora technology is a revolutionary approach to submersible design, maximising the field of view of the spherical cabin and providing an unparalleled vista” said a spokesperson for the company.

“The occupants have a view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons, that provide the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it.”



SEAmagine is a California based company established in 1995 and a leading manufacturer of small personal submarines and professional submersibles with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet.

The two person submarines cost around £1.6millioon, the three-five-person Aurora models around £2.4million and the larger ones go up to £4million.


Aurora 5. SEAmagine/

The company’s submersibles can dive anywhere from 492 feet to 5,000 feet depending on the model. SEAmagine pride themselves on passenger comfort while they explore the underwater world.

“Passenger comfort is not simply defined by how large the cabin size is but, as the Aurora model offers, it beings with the ease and safety of the boarding process,” said SEAmagine’s spokesperson.


“A large access hatch, comfortable and spacious seating configuration, reliable environmental controls with air conditioning and a panoramic field of view unobstructed by any top hatch or side pontoons, all add up to deliver a truly exceptional underwater experience.”