Robert Kahl /

Top Car Graveyards

By Zoe Cassell

FEAST your eyes on Europe’s most spectacular car graveyards as discovered by one auto-obsessed explorer who has dedicated over ten years to finding the best cars left to rot in the European wilderness.

Mercedes-Benz W110. Robert Kahl /
Mercedes-Benz W110.
Robert Kahl /

Automobile gems include the classic Ford F600 V8, the Opel Manta and the Mercedes-Benz W110.

Ford F600 V8. Robert Kahl /
Ford F600 V8.
Robert Kahl /

The beautiful set of images were taken in Germany, Sweden and Belgium by German Civil Servant Robert Kahl (30) using a Nikon D7100.

VW T1 Pritsche. Robert Kahl /
VW T1 Pritsche.
Robert Kahl /

He describes his photographs as showcasing “the beauty of transience and decayed charm.”

1941 chevrolet 1.5 tonne. Robert Kahl /
1941 chevrolet 1.5 tonne.
Robert Kahl /

“I search for abandoned places via Google Earth and internet forums. Most of the time I spend my holidays in my camper van, driving around European cities,” Robert explained.

Citroen DS. Robert Kahl /
Citroen DS.
Robert Kahl /

He hopes his photography depicts nature consuming the forgotten vehicles.

Caterpillar. Robert Kahl /
Robert Kahl /

“When people see my pictures some remember their childhood and memories of beautiful times,” Robert added.